Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Military Grit

I'm very happy with how this piece turned out, but it looks like my supplies are limited and I am not sure when I will be able to make another. I do intend to if I can get my hands on more of the base pieces.
Keep an eye out for more to come!

Levels of Envy

This is a level on one side and on the other is perched an octopus curling its possessive tentacles around several decals in green. The color scheme is in gold for the metal pieces. The little gem decals are green to match the level's interior liquid.

Gear Pin Color Options







Sky Blue

Gotta grab them all!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mini Lapel Pins

I wanted to come up with something small and simple for those that put pins on their bags and such. I am pretty happy with how these came out.
The colors include:
Sky Blue

More options might come up but for now that it what is available.

These kind of remind me of steampunk materia...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Back from Anime Matsuri

Under normal circumstances Anime Matsuri has been a really awesome con in the past. I feel very sorry for those that had this years con be their first con because the hotel staff, location and timing was pretty bad.

However, the events held were enjoyable and the artists alley, although cramped, was stuffed with a whole bunch of awesome through out the halls. The dealers room had a great selection as well.

I do sincerely hope that Anime Matsuri returns to the Woodlands in 2012. The hotel, parking and timing of previous years was greatly missed.

Pictures to come of all my loot from this con!

Anime Matsuri is one of those cons that I reserve for myself to not vend at and instead just enjoy meeting all the artists. I go as a spender, not a vendor. :3 Lots of awesome loot this year!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Winged Cat Studios @ Anime Matsuri!

Steampunk outfit feeling a little too fresh? Too pristine?
(Your mechanic's outfit's lacking strategic smudges?)

You must stop by Winged Cat Studios at Anime Matsuri this weekend!
In addition to awesome goggle skills, this genius of grunge works her magic on all projects.
She's great to talk shop with too!

I am hyped up about Anime Matsuri this weekend 
and the Artist Alley is sounding like a great selection!

 \o.o\ Looking forward to a shot of my bag-o-loot after the con! /o.o/

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anime Matsuri This Weekend!

This weekend I am heading to the con I go to in order to just have fun and relax and buy delicious things!
(In other words I won't be vending but spending, spending, spending!)

Where is it?
Crowne Plaza Hotel Reliant Park
8686 Kirby Drive
Houston, TX 77054

Doors open to public at 9am on March 18!
Visit their website to grab a parcking voucher:
Go to Lobby>Location>Scroll down to Download parking Voucher

Who else is going to be there?

Studio Sweet
They had donated the adorable charms for the Steampunk Ball last weekend!

theshyfox photography and floral duct tape
The had donated the print and treasure rose for the Steampunk Ball last weekend!

So stop by and say hello to Jen from Studio Sweet and theshyfox!

Dallas All-Con This Weekend!

Con Open to Public March 18th @ 9am.
Massive OMG Steampunk Theme-o-Doom! XD
Grab Con Details Here:

Look at all the events! ;.;

Crowne Plaza Hotel
14315 Midway Road
Addison, TX 75001

Saturday night All-Con's party in the Oak ballroom is a Steampunk Ball!
Marquis of Vaudeville headline Steampunk Ball
Steampunk Tarot Readings by Mistria

Lots of steampunk vendors including:

Ta Da Boutique, a donator for Austin's Steampunk Ball last weekend!
The pouches are awesome!

Rosewood Stitches, a donator for Austin's Steampunk Ball last weekend!
Be careful! You will fall in love with her cross body convention bags!!

So...uhh... if there are any random Steampunks in the Houston area not attending All-Con and instead are hitting up Anime Matsuri, stop by Studio Sweet's table in the Artist Alley and say hi! I'll probably be floating around that area in a sea of anime bliss. ~o.o~

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Pieces!

Help an Art Student: Steampunk Infographics

Just fill out a simple (and quick!) survey.

Via Facebook:
Hello! I'm a sophomore illustration/graphic design student, and I'm doing a pretty cool series of infographics on steampunks and the steampunk subculture. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to spread a very short survey around, as I'll need as much information as I can get on this subculture.
I've also designed a series of steampunk-oriented icons, and if you're interested, I'll gladly give you full access to use them as you wish. :)
Thanks so much!

-Kacey Shoemake

Here's the link! Thank you again!

Loot Winners Announced!

Congrats to
renee chaosfay
 and kilted-katana!

Please E-mail or Deviantart Note me with you address.
Which piece you receive will be random.
I hope to get these in the mail as soon as possible!

Many thanks again for everyone's interest and
support in my work and the Texas Local Steampunk Artists!
Top Results Listing:

Missed the Elysium Steampunk Ball? Don't miss out on the loot!

March 14th Drawing/Giveaway
Top 3 Winners will receive a piece of loot!
Results will be posted at 7pm CST, March 14th.

Leave a comment describing your favorite
influence on steampunk that you have seen.
It could be the Traditional Victorian, Firefly,
Asian Influences, India, Western, You Name It!

Don't have a blogger account?
Just make sure you mention an e-mail I can reach you at.
From Deviantart? Leave your dev name and
I will let you know if you win!

Enter today and spread the word!
If I receive over 50 entries, Lucky #7 in the drawing will receive a piece of loot too!
If I receive over 100 entries, Lucky #21 will receive a piece of loot too!

Please ask your parents before entering if you are under 18.
Drawing will be held using list generator.

While you wait for the results:
Take a look at the fabulous Texas Steampunk Artists
that have donated to the Elysium Steampunk Ball!
Many take custom orders so be sure to reach out to them
 and check out their websites and shops!

Caveat Emptor Historical Millinery
Chet Phillips Illustration
Figments By Kathleen
Luke Chester Smith
The Mysterium
Parkers & Quinn
Rosewood Stitches
theshyfox photography and floral duct tape
Studio Sweet
Ta Da Boutique
Torquearm Creations
Faire Treasures
Turner's Tokens
Christenia & Co.
SteamBath Factory

Ben Lovett at SXSW!

March 15th – The Phoenix – Baeblemusic Takes On Texas: Presented by Lexus, MOG, and ROKU (4:30pm) – Austin, TX

March 15th – Couch Professor/MuseBox Party @ Chupacabra at 11pm - Austin, TX

March 16th – CNN SXSW Grill @ Max’s Wine Dive – Austin, TX at 10:30pm

March 17th – Lovers Label Bash @ Dean Fredrick Gallery – Austin, TX at 7pm and 11:30pm

March 18th – NAIL / Musebox Party @ Lipstick 24 – Austin, TX at 1pm

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Elysium Steampunk Ball Photos

Take a look at the pictures uploaded by Austin 360.
Currently mislabled Big Bang Bordello, it was the Absinthe Minded Adventures Elysium Steampunk Ball.

My husband and myself made it into the photos as well. :]