Friday, February 10, 2017

General Update

Been using my blog a bit more for my GBS experience lately.
I haven't forgotten steampunk, just had my hands a bit full lately with the health stuffs. >:3
Although I do want to say that since my regular job has picked up, I have not been able to really participate in the steampunk events nearly as much as I wish I could. Still getting back into the swing of things with learning to balance the fatigue/energy between work and life. I still definitely have some art projects on the back burners, looking forward to having some time to bring them to life!

Texas Steampunk Connection
Going to be joining in on a podcast with the Texas Steampunk Connection this weekend!
If you are in TX and a Steampunk, give it a listen! Good stuffs, great topics and an enjoyable listen!

Recently Updated the 2017 Event List! 
If you have some to add, shoot me a note or comment here with the Name of Convention, Dates & Website!