Friday, April 29, 2011

Eyes to the skies - Aetherfest

Keeping eyes to the skies and wishing safe travel
for all those coming to port in San Antonio this weekend.
Grab your goggles and lace up those corsets!

The Voyage to Aetherfest Has Begun!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Cuddles

Jules and Vincent enjoying the cooler weather... =^.^=

ÆtherFest is in the news!

ÆtherFest is in the news!
Pick up a copy of Thursday's San Antonio Express-News.
Look for ÆtherFest in the S.A Life section!
Many thanks to Rene Guzman for the fantastic article and photoshoot!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ready for ÆtherFest to start on Friday?

Via Aetherfest on Facebook:
Thanks to our friend Freya Pruitt, publisher of Today's Texas Woman and lady-extraordinaire, for creating this surprisingly-amazing ad for ÆtherFest and including it in her magazine! We are quite honored!!/event.php?eid=164623413586083

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arcana Imperii

Just received a package that only furthers my interest in buying directly from authors with artistic interests in the presentation of their work and knowing how to set a tone before even opening to page one.

These books are available online for only $10:
Order yours now before they run out of the first run!

So this is how it starts... and this is when
I had to finish scarfing down lunch and
then went to grab my camera.

Awesome wrapping and I love the seal.

Love the stamping and
general love put into the packaging.

A letter? Maybe a thank you letter for buying the piece?

Nope, a letter from Jack.

So maybe I am a nerd about marketing and packaging but
when someone puts the extra effort out there and shows how excited
they are about their own product, it can't help but be contagious.
I know what I'll be reading tonight. All other books are on hold.

Want one?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pictures from the April 23rd Aetherfest Countdown Hosted by The Mysterium in Austin, TX

I did not get to run around and take lots of pictures this time of all the tables. We had a lot of people there this weekend including John Dunn, The Clocketbook Maker, Parkers & Quinn, The Brass Apple, Winged Cat Studio, A Grimm Design, Cracked Monocle, and Caveat Emptor! (I hope I did not miss anyone... every where I looked there was a new table in the hall!) Many thanks to everyone that brought all the awesome munchies and delicious punch!

Rumor is, this might become a monthly event. Go show your support at The Mysterium and let them know you want more steampunk artist events! Details to come as I get them!!/pages/The-Mysterium/102513063154435

Congrats to the winner of the drawing!

A Grimm Design Returns!

Brass Apple hard at work!

Brass Apple is a new group
specializing in Asian themed Steampunk.
Keep an eye out for them!

Winged Cat Studio was out in all their glory!

Not only does she sell pieces, she can do custom mods too!

... those are bullet shells... made into flowers...

Does he have a name?

Goggles guaranteed to be unique!

I really want to see an outfit based around those goggles...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Austin's The Mysterium's ÆtherFest Countdown

Austin's The Mysterium's 
ÆtherFest Countdown

Saturday, April 23rd, NOON-6PM at The Mysterium,
inside The Community Renaissance Market

Drop by the Mysterium on Saturday the 23rd, wearing your steamgear and receive 20% off of the most expensive item you buy! Stop by for snacks and beverages and say hello to other vendors!
There may be some music going on out there as well!

Be sure to stop by and meet up with local
Austin and San Antonio area steampunks! 
Turner's Tokens will be out there too
with energy drinks and new pieces!
Grab them before they go on sale at the convention!

Vendors for the April 23rd event currently include:
The Mysterium
Turner's Tokens
Caveat Emptor Historical Millinery & Costumes
Alexis Hoerner, The Clocketbook Maker
Katy Amicone
Parkers & Quinn
John Dunn
April Layman
The Brass Apple

Who's going to be out there? (The list got split...)!/event.php?eid=203905576298414


When and Where is ÆtherFest?
April 29 - May 1 - San Antonio, TX - ÆtherFest
St. Anthony Hotel, Downtown San Antonio

Starry Night Necklaces

The Stars At Night Necklace

After chatting with a fellow steampunk at April 16th's Aetherfest Countdown at The Mysterium, the idea of stars and shooting stars was bugging me all week. Finally had time and pulled this together and am very happy with the results.

The Little Dipper Necklace

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beer! Brass! & BS @ Opal Divines - 4/19 Recap

This was a great meet-up which included a special performance by The Wondrous Strange Players, an acting troupe based at The Community Renaissance Market Theater.

They performed a great and hilarious presentation of Victorian Etiquette and I look forward to catching one of their performances soon!

Grab an updated listing of performance here:

In addition to their performance they also had a drawing for 4 prizes, 2 tie clips and 2 metal hair accessories. I lucked out and won one of the hair accessories, pictures to come once I have a chance to shoot them.

Beer! Brass! & BS @ Opal Divines Hosted by The Mysterium

Beer! Brass! B.S.!
The Mysterium is hosting a Steampunk Gathering at
Opal Divine's at Penn Field, here in Austin, TX!
April 19th at 7pm.

All ages welcome! This is a restaurant setting.
All steampunks and neovictorians welcome, in costume or not.

Note from The Mysterium:
All who have steamgear should be done up in it to the nines.. I hear we have a few newbies attendingwho are 'steam curious', and we'd certainly like to give them an idea of what we can do!

Our theme this month is Victorian Etiquette!

Brush up before the meeting with this handy guide:

Test your skills with this game:

Check out The Mysterium's page for more details. Spread the word!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 16th Aetherfest Countdown

Turner's Tokens' kiosk! :D

April Layman of A Grimm Design
Creations from A Grimm Design
Creations from A Grimm Design
Creations from A Grimm Design
Creations from A Grimm Design

Alexis Hoerner, The Clocketbook Maker

John Dunn Creations
Would you believe that is a computer? By John Dunn.
Top Sellers by John Dunn.

Parkers & Quinn offer a great variety
of goggles, hats and more!
Parkers & Quinn's excellent hair flowers!
A very sturdy Parkers & Quinn leather pouch.
A great selection of colors and pieces by Parkers & Quinn!

Some shots of The Mysterium
 in case you have not seen the store!
Great selection of well priced corsets at Austin's The Mysterium!
Not really into wearing elaborate hats?
The Mysterium has other options!
When hunting for The Mysterium, look for the piano sitting outside!
SteamBath Factory oils and body sprays just came in!
My favorite? Mutiny, a delicious blend of coconut and spice.