Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Upcoming Texas Steampunk Events

May 20 - June 11 - Austin, TX - The Tempest Project by Sam Bass Community Theatre
The Tempest Project, adapted from William Shakespeare's The Tempest, by Frank Benge, is a steampunk fantasy of love, betrayal and revenge. Buy tickets online!

May 27-29 - Houston, TX - Comicpalooza
George R. Brown Convention Center.
Steampunk Saturday includes workshops and panels followed by a Steampunk Ball that night featuring Midnight Carnival and a DJ set by Airship Isabella.

May 28 - Austin, TX - Steampunk Market @ The Community Rennaisance Market Place
Hosted by The Mysterium from NOON- 6PM! A variety of local steampunk artists pull together for this great event with drinks and snacks. Stop by and enjoy a relaxing time with your fellow steampunks on Saturday! Are you a vendor? Apply for FREE vending space now! Contact the Mysterium today!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Le Professor de Guillain Barre: GBS

Hehe, Le Professor de Guillain Barre, insane scientist with paralyzing tentacles.
Celebrating 2 years of kicking this dudes butt back into the darkness.

Find out more about Guillain Barre (the sickness that hit me 2 years ago and paralyzed me) here:

The Tempest Project

The Tempest Project

Betrayed and cast adrift... Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! The sorceress Prospera, rightful Duchess of Milan, and her daughter, Miranda, have been stranded for twelve years on a magical island after Prospera's jealous sister Antonia, aided by Alonso, the King of Naples, deposed her and set her and her daughter adrift. From this remote island Prospera plots to restore her daughter Miranda to her rightful place, using her skills as a sorceress. When she learns that her sister, Antonia, is on an airship passing close by the island, she raises a storm that runs them aground. Antonia and her companions suddenly find themselves in a place unlike anything they have experienced before. "The Tempest Project", adapted from William Shakespeare's "The Tempest", by Frank Benge, is a steampunk fantasy of love, betrayal and revenge.

May 20 - June 11
Thur - Sat @ 8 PM
Sundays @ 2 PM

Presented by The Sam Bass Community Theater in Round Rock, TX (North of Austin.)

The Tempest Project by S.B.C. Theatre Starts Tomorrow!

May 20 - June 11 - Austin, TX
The Tempest Project by Sam Bass Community Theatre

The Tempest Project, adapted from William Shakespeare's The Tempest, by Frank Benge, is a steampunk fantasy of love, betrayal and revenge. Buy tickets online!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week of May 16th Austin Events

May 17 - Austin, TX - Beer! Brass! & BS @ Opal Divines hosted by The MysteriumOpal Divine's at Penn Field. Begins at 7pm.

May 18 - Austin, TX - Texas Steampunks Meet-up @ Epoch
Epoch Coffee on North Loop, Austin; 6pm ~ 10pm.

Beer! Brass! & BS @ Opal Divines Hosted by The Mysterium

Beer! Brass! B.S.!
The Mysterium is hosting a Steampunk Gathering at
Opal Divine's at Penn Field, here in Austin, TX!
May 17th at 7pm -10pm.

All ages welcome! This is a restaurant setting.
All steampunks and neovictorians welcome, in costume or not.

Note from The Mysterium:
All who have steamgear should be done up in it to the nines..
I hear we have a few newbies attendingwho are 'steam curious',
and we'd certainly like to give them an idea of what we can do!

Who is attending?!/event.php?eid=100899293333536

Those in appropriate garb will receive Mysterium coupons good for either $10 off a corset, or $10 off a hat! That's like getting paid $10 to dress in your favorite clothes!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Outing to the Battleship Texas in Houston on the 14th!

May 14 - Houston, TX - Outing to the Battleship Texas San Jacinto Battleground Park, 10am-2pm. S.C.A.R.S. & 42nd Airship Battalion meet-up. All are welcome! Entrance to park is FREE, Entrance to Battleship Texas is $10. The Texas is a real steamship.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Comicpalooza: Steampunk Saturday

Via Comicpalooza's Site:

Steampunk Saturday @ Comicpalooza

While there will be steampunk offerings all weekend long, in-fact, over a dozen panels and workshops over the weekend brought to you by Airship Isabella, Delirium of Grandeur and the San Antonio Neo-Victorian Association. However, on Saturday May 28, 2011 the stage as been set to provide for all your Steampunk needs in one day! Start your day off with a series of classes taught by our Steampunk fan groups in attendance. Visit Steampunk artists and artisans in Steampunk Ally. Learn the answer to "What is Steampunk," explore"Steampunk Music," and take part in a series of panels and workshops to make a better steampunk outfit. Throughout the day you can take a break by stopping in at the Steampunk viewing room brought to you by the San Antonio Neo-Victorian society By the end of the day Delirium of Grandeur will help you know if "Airship Piracy is right for you." Then spend the evening at the Steampunk Ball featuring Midnight Carnival and a DJ set by Airship Isabella.


I am already getting pumped for Comicpalooza in Houston, TX! It is May 27-29th and once again being held at the George R. Brown Convention Center. (I really love this location... parking is so easy...)

I'm thinking of making a zombie steampunk outfit for this con.
We'll see how that turns out. :]

People I'm excited to see this year?
Sean Maher (the doctor Simon from Firefly), Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte from True Blood), Jennie Breeden (author of webcomic The Devil's Panties), David Mack (creator of Kabuki), Terry Moore (creator of Strangers In Paradise), and Ari Marmell (author of The Conqueror’s Shadow and  The Warlord’s Legacy which I'll be bringing to get signed.)

Groups I am excited to see?
Chanson de Vie (CDV) dance troupe, The Braggart Family SideCircus and Midnight Carnival.

Go check out the ever growing guest list:

Will I see you there?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Aetherfest Loot

Steampets by Chris Holm

Avalon Revisited by O.M. Grey,
picked up from Airship Isabella's table.

Time Lincoln from Antarctic Press

Steampunk Palin from Antarctic Press*
*I bought this for my dad...

Gear Cookie Cutter!
I want to make cookies for the next Mysterium event!

A new home for Dusty the Watch Dog!
Via: Addisyn Madd & The Landship Dead Betty
Vial of Pocket Watch Gears!

Glacier Goggles

Moustache Ring
My mother bought this for me... <3

When my mom took a lunch break she hit up an
antique shop and came back with two
iron cast display hands.
So much love! <3

On my break I ran down to the game room and stumbled across this treasure!

While in the game room I was able to pick up some MINT TEA SOAP!
Delicious! Made by Cracked Monocle's Dana Schwarzlose.

Three Bone Necklaces via Airship Aledita Accessories.

Traded with  Airship Aledita Accessories.

Monday, May 2, 2011


I don't even know where to begin...
Everything was awesome...
This was my first steampunk exclusive convention and it was an amazingly good time with many friends, new acquaintances, great performances, excellent location and so much more to it than I can even begin to describe.

Friday was excellent, loading and unpacking to the vendor room was quick and easy, the staff very helpful and the AC was awesome... Some say too awesome, though is that possible with steampunk outfits? Add a couple more layers of delicious coats and you're good. It was a bit refreshing from the heat of the day too!

After getting settled in we got to look forward to the Airship Dinner that night, held on the roof of the hotel! The weather could not have been more perfect; crisp cool winds blowing with the warmth of good food and great friends on top of excellent perfomances made for a great (and late) night! Not to mention talk of roll cannon and delicious cheesecake (the delicious dessert or the burlesque dancers?)

From there I have to admit I was pretty tired so leading on to Saturday we had a great time meeting new people in the vendors room. I had a chance to run around a bit and picked up some great loot from inside that room as well as the gaming room and saw some amazing pieces inside the Steampunk Museum that was set up! Pictures of my loot from the weekend to come. Some items include mint tea soap, steamy comicbooks and books, steampunk *penguin* polymer charm and so much more!

After running around and vending all day I was prety tired but I had a chance to hang out with A Grimm Design, Caveat Emptor, Rosewood Stitches, and Parkers & Quinn for an excellent and entertaining dinner! If you visit the St. Anthony Hotel, try the sea bass at the restaurant; delicious! After dinner I hit the hotel room and passed out for a bit, unfortunately missing most of the Marquis of Vaudeville performance. I did get to see a bit of Hipnautica's performance before ultimately crashing for the night. (Too much awesome wore me out!!)

Sunday made for an easy checkout, great for last minute buys and final farewells before meeting again at upcoming conventions. This was an excellent experience, greatly reminding me of the first anime convention I attended. Certainly not the largest, but with a great group of friends and excellent entertainment, this is a convention I wish to see grow even stronger for next year!

I am sure more things will come to mind in later days but in the meantime, keep an eye out for upcoming pictures of con loot to come!

Have a wonderful week and if you did not get to make it out there this time around, keep an eye on their website and consider a ticket for next year. (Go to the Airship Dinner!!!)