May is Guillain Barre Awareness Month! Spread the word and spread the articles, knowing and identifying the signs and getting treatment fast are part of the fight!

First off, have you visited This is the site for the Guillain‐BarrĂ© syndrome (GBS), chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) Foundation International. Get support, take action and join a community!

This is a list of links to posts concerning Guillain–BarrĂ© Syndrome (GBS) on my blog:

May is an important month for Turner's Tokens! GBS

Sometimes the Creepy Crawly Sensation in Your Legs is Just a Creepy Crawly - GBS

Robert (Bob) Benson, Founder of GBS/CIDP Foundation International RIP

Had a pretty awesome weekend... GBS Year 3 Celebration


Books Related to Guillain Barre Syndrome: GBS

A Few Famous People With GBS

GBS / CIDP 12th International Symposium in Forth Worth, TX

My most embarrassingly entertaining memory from my GBS ordeal

My most fearful and panicked moment throughout my GBS ordeal
GBS Shirt Designs

GBS Shirts From RedBubble Came In

What is Guillain Barre Syndrome? GBS

GBS & CIDP Related Blogs

May is Guillian Barre ( GBS & CIDP ) Awareness Month!

Free GBS & CIDP Awareness Month Facebook Cover

Searching for GBS related posts on my blog?

GBS - Guillain Barre Links

3 Years Since GBS Hit Me 

Socks and Mittens: GBS & the 2011 Neuro Film Festival

One in 100,000: Dealing with GBS

GBS T-Shirt: Getting Better Slowly

My GBS Experience: Hospital to Half Marathons

But You Don't Look Sick: Teh Spoon Theory & GBS

Why all the GBS posts?

Robert Mosley - GBS Family and Friends

GBS - Celebrate every achievement

GBS Groups on Facebook

Things GBS Taught Me

Vegas Half-Marathon & GBS

Le Professor de Guillain Barre: GBS

Finished my first half marathon & GBS

My first half marathon & GBS

Article by Dustpan Productions

What got me started on making the tokens?

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