Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Mechanics of Love

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Clockwork Wonderland: This weekend!

A Clockwork Wonderland
Time: January 22, 2011 at 8pm to January 23, 2011 at 2am
Location: Curtain Club
Street: 2800 Main St. Dallas
City/Town: Dallas, TX

Dearest friends, familiars, strangers, and strange ones alike, it is with utter elation and great anticipation that we officially announce our new
~A Clockwork Wonderland: Through Aether & Mysterium~

A single evening steampunk mini-con tangled within a twisted wonderland
... for more info!

Deep down the rabbit hole, one & all shall discover:

~The Astounding Sideshow Astonishments & Startlements of Circus della Morte~

~The Beguiling & Bewitching Burlesque Stylings of Fem Vivre LaRouge~

~The Voodooistic Vibes & Shamanistic Shanties of Master 'Bones' Jangle the Trans-dimensional Pirate~

~The Hypnotically Haunting Melodies of Amanda Terese~

~The Mesmerizing & Mystical Sitar of Sarasvati Bodhisattva~

~The Curious Carnival Capers & Dauntless Daredevil Deeds of The Circus Freaks~

~The Widgetous Newfangled Gadget & Contraption Arrayal~
(Featuring Airship Isabella & Airship Nocturne)

~The Eldritch Aether Trinkets & Curios Bazaar~

~The Pageantry & Prominence Airship Parade~

and of course a performance with new musical mischief by
Marquis of Vaudeville...

Special Guests:
-Airship Isabella
-Airship Nocturne
-Aimee Stewart of Foxfires Art

!!!More wondrous & intriguing attractions to be announced as they unfold!!!

$15 at the rabbit hole
Advanced Tickets: $12 + $2.75 service charge
Advanced ticketing is CURRENTLY available at Front Gate Tickets:

Get your tickets now. They are going fast!

For dealer inquiries, gadget show inquiries, or if you would like your airship or vessel to be a part of the The Pageantry & Prominence Airship Parade, Please contact:

-Steampunk Illumination Society:
-Eldritch Stitch Couture:
-House of Mob:
-Eye Engine:
-Texas Discovery Gardens:
-Tim Stevens Video Production:

March 12th Elysium Steampunk Ball Announced!

It was announced last night that Austin, TX's Elysium will be hosting a Steampunk Ball on March 12th!

Here is what I know so far:

Elysium Saturday Admission is now 18+.

The event will kick off at 10pm.

There will be giveaways and prizes for costumes!

This is going to be around the time of SXSW so we might be grabbing a big crowd of Steampunk curious people in addition to all our local Austin Steampunks!

Let's show them what steampunk is!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Opal Devine's Steampunk Meetup

Awesome turn out at The Mysterium's hosted event at Opal Devine's tonight! Excellent location, easy parking and perfect amount of space in the room. I think we have around 30+ people turn out for the steampunk meet up!
♥ So great to see everyone there and so many awesome outfits. ♥

I look forward to next month!

New Leather Cuffs

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beer! Brass! B.S.! Hosted by The Mysterium at Opal Divine's in Austin, TX

Beer! Brass! B.S.!

The Mysterium is hosting a Steampunk Gathering at
Opal Divine's at Penn Field, here in Austin, TX!
January 18th at 7pm.

All ages welcome! This is a restaurant setting.

All steampunks and neovictorians welcome, in costume or not.
Check out The Mysterium's page and RSVP on the invite. Spread the word!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Like Clockwork

While I like the idea of the piece I am not quite sold on how this one turned out. I have 3 more frames to play with that are similar to this. The image in the background is from a scrapbook paper series by Graphic 45. Great pieces are in it! I plan on making a large collage with the pieces some time soon. The gears in this piece are real and the little gems are just decals. I do like how they turned out but I have some tweaking to my process to do if I use them again.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tribal Bliss (New Video!)

For those that don't know, when I first started out I took a comission from this group for lapel pins! I love seeing their new videos!
Visit their website at:

Beer! Brass! B.S.! At Opal Devines, Hosted by The Mysterium

Beer! Brass! B.S.!

The Mysterium is hosting a Steampunk Gathering at
Opal Divine's at Penn Field, here in Austin, TX!
January 18th at 7pm.

All ages are welcome! This is a restaurant setting.

All steampunks and neovictorians welcome, in costume or not.
Check out The Mysterium's page and RSVP on the invite. Spread the word!

New Pieces

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Browncoats CD 2 - DRUNK

How could I forget to mention at Ikkicon I picked up

2nd CD

Aside from their general awesomeness there is a great rendition of the Firefly Theme - To the Black on the CD. Other great songs? Crash & Burn, She Yeti, Katyusha and On the Dacha!

Go check them out!

Leather Cuff Sneak Peek


Toying around with the idea of cuffs for men and women. We'll see where I go from here...

It is kind of a comission from The Mysterium. She was looking for someone who could make them so I am giving a crack at them. Sam hopes to sell them at A Clockwork Wonderland in Dallas.
I have some leather ones in mind that I would like to try making sometime this week too.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ikkicon Austin, TX 2011

Ikkicon was a most awesome way to spend the New Years holiday!
I met so many new artists and fellow steampunks and had a chance to see old and new friends alike. I was able to grab a wonderful collection of business cards from the various artists in the Artist Alley and I look forward to tracking down their websites, blogs and pages.
I did not get too much of a chance to roam around (that was a good thing because it was busy!) but I did have a chance to stop by some of the steampunk booths along with picking up some more kitty hats. (Human hats with cat ears, not hats for my cats. I didn't see any small enough for that or I would have.)
There was only a minor problem that happened in the middle of Saturday in the Dealer's Room. Evidently someone had complained that it was too cold in there and the hotel thought that meant "Turn the AC off."
-.- In a room full of people, it got very warm, very fast. One of the security guards passed by our table and chatted with us and evidently he kept calling down to them to turn the AC back on and eventually they did, but not before many of the con attendees had already fled the quickly heating up room. I think that was the only hiccup I ran into.
Another thing to note, on Friday evidently the registration line was a bit rediculous. Ikkicon has tried to swap over to being all electronic for registration and this caused the lines to slow down quite a bit more than last year. I hope those that attended and were stuck in line are willing to come back next year after Ikkicon has a chance to adjust their process.
I picked up a few manga, bought a neon green and black tail and a few other things from Fuzumi (XD I love their fuzzies!!) and a few Kuroshitsuji capsul figures along with a duck tape rose from Air Ship Isabella and a small steampunk journal from another steampunk group I thought was called Delusions of Grandeur, (still trying to track them down online.)
On a side note, the hotel cafe sold really yummy italian subs. :3