Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Secret Oktober is MOVING! To a new location-just down the street!
We will have a grand re-opening party in Feb 2012 which happens to be our 8th anniversary!
The space is bigger so more goth to go around.
Thank you for supporting us over the years!!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

WISHLIST: TX Steampunk Artists!

To Be Continued... We have a lot here in TX...

WISHLIST: Silent Night and Skulls

WISHLIST: For The Absinthe Indulgence

WISHLIST: For the Mustache Aficionado

A Very Merry Steampunk

So I have been stumbling across quite a few items lately that would make great little gifts for steampunks young and old alike and I thought I would post some of them up. Yes, some are from larger companies but I am going to pull together an etsy wishlist as well for both men and women steampunks. Keep an eye out for the Wishlist Items to be posted soon!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vegas Half-Marathon & GBS

On the road to Vegas... Pictures to come...

Shop will be closed for a few days.

Roads to drive and winds to fly!

Going to miss the kitties and my husband but I get to do a half marathon with my sister down the strip at night. Looking forward to it, though a bit intimidated.

To 13.1 miles!

(And to a Red Bull waiting for me at the end of a race!)

This will be my second half-marathon since GBS hit me in May 2009! Forward on the road to recovery! Rawr!

How do I work in this environment??