Thursday, July 19, 2012

AMA-Con Hooooooooooooooo~

Eyes to the skies and wishing safe travel to all those making the voyage to AMA-Con!

We head out this afternoon and continue our journey on Friday.
Looking forward to docking in Amarillo, TX!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finding Inspiration for Steampunk Personas & Costuming

Finding Inspiration for Steampunk Personas & Costuming

• Identify your passions
     o Colors
     o Interests
     o Styles/Genres

• Take a look at history and costuming

• Don’t be afraid to break the rules once you know the background

• Research online, through books and more!

• Look at objects critically and creatively, how can you repurpose them?

• Integrate the things you love! Does not have to limit you to ‘Steampunk’ or ‘Victorian’ themes!

• Consider digging into your heritage! Use it as a chance to learn more about you and your family. Where do you come from? What kind of culture surrounds you?

• Steampunk: Beyond Victorian Times – The Victorian Era is a time period, not a location. What was going on in the areas of the world you always dreamed of visiting? Dig in and learn the history and really play with your possibilities!

Monday, July 16, 2012



Come on out to a great event hosted by the Amarillo Public Library featuring comics, anime and steampunk creations and panels!
  • Anime! Comics! Steampunk!
  • Performances by Sahara Nar and Marquis of Vaudeville!
  • Seperate Anime/Comic and Steampunk Cosplay Contests!
  • Tephra Steampunk RPG game tournaments by Cracked Monocle!
  • Buy loot and meet professional comic book and manga artists!
  • Browse at APL's Comics and Manga!
  • Steampunk Panels with Airship Isabella & the Neo Dulcimer!
  • Dancing class with Sahara Nar!
  • Magic The Gathering tournaments from Game Quest!
  • Learn about the power of steam at the Discovery Center's Steamwerks!
  • Amazing Artist's Row with panel discussions and workshops!
  • Online Registration with Volunteer and Advance Photo-Release Forms!
  • A Family-Friendly Event!
  • FIRST Convention of its kind in Amarillo! BE PART OF HISTORY!

Spread the word! Jarrett Crippen is looking for Super Heroes!

Jarrett Crippen is looking for Super Heroes! Via Jarrett Crippen:

Attention Superhero (Cosplay) friends in the Central Texas area.

Some kids want to meet you!

There is a Kids Safety Fair in Leander TX, Sept 22nd.

If you can spend an hour or 2 in costume, taking pics with kids and talking about child safety
(I can coach you if needed) then let me know.

I will not be able to be there and need a brave soul to step up.

Email me at:


Home from Maryland & Ama-Con Approaches!

So I am not returning with mass amount of goodies like I did last year but this time I am returning with a rather nice treasure trove of antique keys. Photos to come!
In the mean time, off to work and prep for Ama-Con in Amarillo THIS SATURDAY!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Diamond Candles $5 Off Coupon

Saw that the Cinnamon Tea candle is back In Stock! Had to grab one. Love the scents I have gotten so far.

Midnight Kiss reminds me of Bath and Body Work's Moonlight Path without so much of a baby powder scent, a little more musky.

Strawberry Bliss has been the strongest scent and very rich.

Hawaiian Coconut was good but not as strong a scent.

Grab $5 off with this coupon! Offer valid until Jul 17, 2012.

Rings I have gotten so far:

This ring came from the Strawberry Bliss candle:

This ring came from the Hawaiian Coconut candle:

This ring came from the Midnight Kiss candle:

Monday, July 2, 2012

HYSTERIA Trailer 2012 Movie - Official [HD]

I'll just leave this here...


And this::

Help SUNDAY DRIVER Take The Stage!

The Steampunk music group Sunday Driver needs YOUR HELP! Give them a chance to perform in front of thousands by simply going to the link and clicking 'Like' next to where it says Vote for Sunday Driver!

Listen to some of their work on the page and help them TAKE THE STAGE! Help your fellow Steampunks and help them grab more exposure! They are not local to Texas but they are a really great steampunk music group that has come to the USA before.

The more they grow, the more chance we have at seeing them here in Texas! :D
♥ They have a delicious multicultural sound and design to their work. ♥

Please take a moment to help them! If you are already signed into Facebook, you just have to click 'LIKE' when you go to that link and it counts as a vote. They are a wonderful example of Multicultural Steampunk and are well deserving of the exposure! ♥

There are not too many days left in the voting and Sunday Driver got a bit of a late start.
Can we boost them to 700 VOTES before MONDAY?