Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meet My Dog: Rusty the Steampunk Cog Dog

Meet my new pup. He doesn't eat much and his barks are quiet. I think he's adorable down to his button noes and his clock part toes. He helps me scrounge up spare bits at the clock yard. His favorite toy is his old crusty dice he found at an abandoned warehouse. (That is actually where I found him wandering around in search of a good belly rub and an oiling.) He is a native Texan from an abandoned warehouse in Amarillo.

I received a package of old spare clock parts from an estate sale and today is his birthday. I planned him out last night for the most part and got him put together today.

I'm really happy with Rusty. Won't you help find him a good home?

My cat Jules is looking a little jealous. He makes a good watch dog though...

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