Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Steampunk Ball Loot

I didn't really have a chance to take pictures this year but I did pick up the Steampunk Compilation CD that Black Tape for a Blue Girl was selling at their booth.

A Sepiachord Passport
It is on sale for only $9.98 here: http://www.projekt.com/projekt/product.asp?sku=PRO00250

Been jamming to this for the past couple days. It is great to have a chance to discover so many new names on the CD. I'm going to have to start hunting some of these guys down...

Here is the track list:
  1. Tiger Lillies: Roll Up
  2. Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys: Off With Her Head!!!
  3. Bakelite 78: Aurora Ave Motel
  4. Bat Country: Knockin' on My Coffin
  5. Miss Mamie Lavona the Exotic Mulatta and her White Boy Band: Thief Song
  6. Nathaniel Johnstone & the Brazilian Surf Mafia: Scarlet Carpet Interstate, Part One
  7. Huxley Vertical Cabaret Nouveau: Early Chill
  8. Circus Contraption: If I Told You Once
  9. Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band: Kibosh on Your Scene
  10. Veronique Chevalier: The Dance Master
  11. The Clockwork Dolls: The Ballad of Black Jack Jezebel
  12. Blackbird Orchestra: Hollowland
  13. The Men that Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing: Charlie
  14. Black Tape for a Blue Girl: Rotten Zurich Cafe
  15. Professor Elemental: Sweet Cold Colation
  16. Sxip Shirey: Mehenatta
  17. The Peculiar Pretzelmen: Hammer Nails 
  18. Rhubarb Whiskey: Lilacs from Canada
  19. The Magnificent Seven: The Last Waltz
  20. Toy-Box Trio: Stamp Collection
Some songs on the collection:

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