Monday, March 14, 2011

Missed the Elysium Steampunk Ball? Don't miss out on the loot!

March 14th Drawing/Giveaway
Top 3 Winners will receive a piece of loot!
Results will be posted at 7pm CST, March 14th.

Leave a comment describing your favorite
influence on steampunk that you have seen.
It could be the Traditional Victorian, Firefly,
Asian Influences, India, Western, You Name It!

Don't have a blogger account?
Just make sure you mention an e-mail I can reach you at.
From Deviantart? Leave your dev name and
I will let you know if you win!

Enter today and spread the word!
If I receive over 50 entries, Lucky #7 in the drawing will receive a piece of loot too!
If I receive over 100 entries, Lucky #21 will receive a piece of loot too!

Please ask your parents before entering if you are under 18.
Drawing will be held using list generator.

While you wait for the results:
Take a look at the fabulous Texas Steampunk Artists
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Many take custom orders so be sure to reach out to them
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  1. i have a lot but i have to say traditional victorian

    this is callieway from DA

  2. :D elphieofkiamoko from dA here!!
    I've been following a blog about multiculturalism in Steampunk, and I have to say that the Roma (aka "Gypsy") influence is my favorite at the moment. Not only is it modest and clean, it's part of my own genetic history, too. I'm planning on incorporating a lot of it into my own style. *w*

  3. Firefly. Most definitely Firefly! Lyseebell from DA.

  4. Light bulbs as bottles? That's a brilliant idea XD. Oh I am so looking forward to making it to one of these balls. So many talents to be seen, yours included ^^. I will most definitely have a piece for the next time donations are needed.
    aka The Traveling Merchant

  5. I really like classic Steampunk, I guess. Hmmm... I suppose the Steam versions of WWI. Like the Leviathan series. c:

  6. I'm a scifi junkie myself and a complete lover of Firefly. I really love how they incorporated that steampunk feel with the western look and attitude in the series. Very creative.

  7. Oh and I am a dodo brain and forgot to tell you my influence for Steampunk.

    My friend Kailee introduced me to Steampunk about a year and a half ago and I have been hooked ever since. It was such an amazing idea I got addicted to it. So Kailee is my biggest influence for Steampunk <3 My favorite era to see Steampunk in is WWII era (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was awesome! And I can't wait for Suckerpunch.)

    So much Steampunk, so little time :D

    (sorry if this double posted)

  8. I would have to say my favorite influence is tied with classic victorian and shows like firefly/jules verne(idk if anyone remembers the jules verne show). *Fingers Crossed* my email is

  9. This anime -> Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
    Loved that movie. But other than that Firefly was an awesome movie too :D

  10. LaChasseresse from DA here, and I have to say that my favorite influence on steampunk is Victorian, but I also have a bit of a soft-spot for Old Western steampunk. :)

  11. Oh man, Firefly. There is no other. (In that vein, sci-fi steampunk is pretty awesome)
    -aleatoricelements from DA

  12. Hi, I'm Rhusalka on dA! My favorite kind of steampunk is carnival/circus style. For example, I like whimsical calliope music and steampunk clothes with bold, high-contrast stripes.

    Wish I could go to the steampunk ball!

  13. I would have to say that I love Victorian Steampunk the most, but two movies have influenced my ideal the most - The Golden Compass, and Stardust.

  14. rockmermaidfire on dA
    and my favorite influence would be the traditional victorian and the asian influence. ^-^

  15. I like kind of a mix... I like Victorian a lot, but I also love putting Asian stuff in my costumes, particularly Chinese silk. :) I'm also a fan of sci fi, so FIREFLY FOR THE WIN!! :)
    I'm megpie252 on dA.

  16. hey lisa its amami-1!! my favorite influence has got 2 b Victorian!! XDD

  17. My favorite steampunk influence is definitely Victorian <3

  18. Hi there! This is CaptainSeawolf from DA

    my biggest inspirations on Steampunk have to be Firefly, Stardust, and Treasure Planet, because they are just so awesome!

  19. hiya its Little-Devil-92 from DA here!

    I have to say mine are traditional Victorian, as it is amazing!

  20. My favourite influence? Well, I'd have to say traditional Victorian steampunk, but artist-wise, Keith Thompson is my other biggest influence. I also love nautical themes, so mixing steampunk with stories like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is something I love seeing. Oh, and also AtomeFabrik's creations are good inspiration for me when drawing goggles/gizmos, since he's such an amazing machinist/engineer.

    I'm Sonellion from dA, by the way.

  21. Hi, I'm ButterflyFromHell15 from dA!

    Hm... I'd say Traditional Victorian and the
    Asian Influences inspire me the most regarding Steampunk, I don't know why... they just do^^

  22. Hey there... it´s HALsurfer from deviantArt.

    My influence goes with my commision request I´m working on and well he wants to get marionettes.
    So I looked into it and got many inspirations from the movie 9.
    Other than this I love the victorian era and all those little machines they have.
    So here you go.

    Have fun!

  23. I never knew that much about steampunk until the last year and I honestly have no influence. I have several friends that are into it and am learning but a little slow on the uptake :)

    Deviant id:

  24. Absolutely Victorian :D (Catcat222 on DA)

  25. Hello~ This is Unknown-D-Flamerose From DA.

    I have to say the most inspirational is Treasure Planet, Titian A.E. and Labyrinth, for movie related inspirations~<3

  26. Hiya! ^_^
    I must say my favourite steampunk is the firefly and the Asian influences! <33
    They are so beautiful!

    From *Starfire151095 of DeviantArt!

  27. One of the most interesting combinations in steampunk I've ever seen is Victorian industrial and native American. I've never seen anything else quite like it!

    From your faithful dA follower ~videolizzard99! :)

  28. Id have to say my first influence was H. G. Wells. One of my all time favorite authors!

  29. Traditional Victorian by far.

    ~KtheWife from DA

  30. Hello :)

    I like all kinds of Steampunk influences, but I have to say I find Sci-Fi and Victorian pieces very interesting and influential.

    Deviantart-Sanzattack :)

  31. Well, I've never been one to have actually worn anything steampunk, but a lot of my friends do. So I've seen a lot of versions, and I pretty much enjoy all them. But I've recently seen on dA a lot of pirate-y things turned steampunk and I LOVE that! I am such a pirate at heart! <3 So if any were to be my all-time favorite, it'd be that type! :D

    From DazzledByNorrington on Deviantart!

  32. Native American is always interesting, but I'm biased towards Ancient Egyptian ;3

    slightly-invisible from DA.

  33. My favorite would probably have to be....
    Hmm... I'm not sure. I love steam punk in general, but I think Victorian might be my favorite.
    Futuristic steampunk is great too. Its sort of an oxymoron. I love oxymorons.

    -MysticAcademy from deviantART.

  34. I believe that the best influence on steampunk are clockworks. Why? Because steampunk is what I call retro futurism of long long time ago. Meaning a perspective of future from the eyes of the past in its core a gate of endless possibilites via limited technology and style. Clockworks resemble that, they are a pile of corks and screws aranged into a complex mechanism that counts time, a chronometer.
    Creation of a clockwork was a new step in history that did what steampunk is dreaming about. And so clocks gave shape to steampunk and influenced it into their direction. Invention of chronommeter gave birth to ideas and attempted to what could be created with a pile of corks and screws. And I dare to say that this is more than 70 % of steampunk, the best 70%.

    deviantart: 1stlineleftprop

  35. I think that the best influence on steampunk are goggles. Does this count as an influence? Honestly, I loved goggles before I got into steampunk; I just thought they were the best accessory (plus safety measure)! Once I got into steampunk fashion a few years back, I just loved all the different goggle styles. There are so many different styles, and so many unique ideas that stem from goggles. Goggles are important in many occupations - from scientists in a chemistry lab to an aviator piloting a plane to a biker who needs eye protection. Goggles can really add to a character, and I just simply love them.

    Deviantart: FlamingSerpent

  36. I wish I could go to the ball but there's no way I'll be able to make it :-(

    I think I like the ecclecticism of things that have influenced steampunk style. There are so many different layers between the traditional victorian base with western elements plus the grunge of living in a steam-powered world. I frankly love it all! The coolest part is the ability to incorporate your own interests into the style seemlessly if you go about it properly. I, for example, am pretty well obsessed with cephalopods so I added octopuses & squids into a number of different pieces I designed. Some day I'm going to include a kilt (like, a legitimate traditional tartan kilt) into my character's outfit because of my celtic heritage. I just think it's so awesome how steampunk fashion has pulled bits & pieces from so many different places! I don't know if that really answered your question or not, but there it is!

    P.S. This is kilted-katana from dA ^_^

  37. My favorite influences on Steampunk that I have seen would have to be either Old-timey Victorian or Texan. The way that the Texas look puts a spin on the steampunk craft is simply amazing; spurs, guns, and old-western clothing fits right in with steampunk! Old-timey Victorian has always been a favorite of mine as well; the poofy dresses, the dusty, aged look - it all appeals to the world of Steampunk. For myself, I also like to incorporate junk or scrap metal into my steampunk pieces, as a more machinery type look. All in all, Steampunk is influenced by many different types of cultures and fashions. One I would love to see would be a Pirate-Steampunk =)

    I am on Deviantart and my account name is Jacqueline-Victoria ^^

  38. Hello, I would have to say I love the Asian influences because it mixes old style with futuristic tech perfectly with the awesomeness of Asians, and lets admit it, Asians make everything better

    DA: defeatedart

  39. I'd have to say Firefly, it's a show I love, and mixing futuristic with steampunk is just plain great, in my opinion. I loved virtually everything about that series.

    DA: SnoringFrog

  40. butanokaabii from DeviantArt, of course. I hope I'll win something again.

    I like Victorian steampunk, with a little bit of Asian and sci-fi. Fantasy elements are very much welcome.

  41. For my money you can't top Girl Genius. Mad science, clockwork robots, and overly elaborate victorian undergarments. (Yes, I know they insist on calling it Gaslamp Fantasy. It still counts as an influence.)

    -DA's Tropertales

  42. my fave influence is western, especialy in boneshaker.

    DA is LadyAkeldama

  43. I like all kinds of Steampunk influences... Hmm... The kind what they use in the film '20000 leagues under the sea' is the most awesome one.

    Greetings, Eva (Svanavenue@DeviantArt)

  44. You answer to this question changes based on what stuff I've seen recently! I love Eyptian influence, but I also like fantasy. I also like more traditional, gears and such. Mostly it's how the piece comes together that decides it for me and as a result, I like lots of different types!

    This is the-kurisutaru on DA btw. :)

  45. Idolum from deviantart here~
    Oh wow...difficult qustion! I do like the classical english-victorian steampunk style, but also western, asian oder fantasy-influenced style...hmmm....^^

  46. Dual influences are firefly and early aviation. I don't have a blogger account, but can be reached at aklnhanson at gmail dot com

  47. Hi ^^ Deviant Onceuponapage here. hmmm my fave influence on Steampunk would have to be classic victorian style cus i have always liked victorian fashion and culture, and steampunk just amps it up to 11 XD! however there will always be a special place in my heart for Old West Style steampunk <3.

    omg what is this music?! so catchy!! all my friends are like dancing to it XDD i want it!

  48. Roxy Dementia here... I thought I was in love with Victorian and tried a few things from that era in my home, etc. Nope. That wasn't quite right. I'm twisted. *grin* Then Steampunk happened and it was "YES!!! That's it!!!" Love almost everything about it.

  49. Steampunk is the only real world to me..i feel like an alien in mainstream clothes and civilizations so every little bit of something more..remarkable makes me live my world, a happy place on earth yet to come.