Wednesday, October 3, 2012

GBS and Flu Vaccines (Guillain Barre Syndrome)

So as flu season approaches and pharmacies, companies, and schools push for people to get flu shots I just want to offer a reminder that it can be a gamble and you never know when one day something rare happens and your body reacts differently from the vaccine than everyone else. Read the warnings and understand them before you get the shot and know the risks. One of the possible side effects is Guillain Barre Syndrome and it is something I would never wish on anyone. While there is more risk towards the swine flu vaccines, regular flu vaccines still pose a risk. If you have ever noticed that you do tend to have a weaker immune system or have had adverse reactions to various vaccines before, please don't hesitate to ask your doctor about weighing the risks before getting the flu vaccine.

(I did not get GBS from a flu shot but many involved on boards and support groups I participate in have.)

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