Monday, March 11, 2013

In Death's Wake by Gregory Coley

Been working on a special project today!
Be on the lookout for a book by Gregory Coley titled In Death's Wake!
We pulled the cover together today and are super ready to get a copy in hand!

Gabriel grew up in an average life and was perfectly happy to keep to the shadows. Now, in the late 21st century, he is drafted into the Second American Civil War. Unknown to him, events had been set into motion that would sign away his life. Selected for mental experiments to see into the minds of the dead, he is discharged from the army like many other test subjects. The experiments have killed many test subjects and the project has been disbanded. After being sent home, Gabriel signs on with the local police force to use his new abilities to make a little money on the side, but did the experiments do more damage than he thought? 
Now in a race against time to stop a serial killer who will do anything to bring him down, Gabriel must be willing to lose everything, including his sanity, to stop the murders. 
What are the wraiths that haunt his dreams? 
Can he protect those he loves from monsters both real and imaginary? 
Did Gabriel stumble onto more than he bargained for when he got caught up in death's wake?

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