Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Not Dead

Just been a bit busy with a few personal projects of a less steamy nature...

  • Been doing some cover designs for the author Greg Coley.
  • Been working with RevelCon for their 26th convention in Houston, TX!
  • My regular job has really picked up over the past year so that means less time for personal art projects.

Things in the pipeline:

  • Planning on bringing my etsy shop back after the long break. I have lots of goodies to sell and have had less time for attending events to sell and display at.
  • Planning on being involved with RevelCon 27 for 2016!
  • Planning on getting back to updating DeviantArt with new creations. I have quite a bit that has been made but not documented on Devart! I miss my fellow deviants... 

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