Monday, October 31, 2016

Another Ketamine Experience Being Documented!

When I hit the GBS/CIDP Symposium in San Antonio I had the happy encounter of meeting another woman from the Austin area (Round Rock) who was 4 years out from GBS onset. After talking, I mentioned my Ketamine Therapy Experience and she started to describe the benefits she felt after having surgery post GBS. It was exciting to hear how she felt and we thought that it might have been a benefit of the anesthesia they used. After staying in contact with her I passed on my details for the Austin Pain Associates I was referred to earlier this year and she was able to even get in contact with the same doctor that has been helping. In particular, he has been very open to more experimental and progressive pain management methods.
She is now signed up and ready to start a 6 session set of the Ketamine Therapy on November 1st.
Keep an eye on her updates here:

Wishing you the best Jessie and I hope you find relief!
Love, hugs and prayers. You are a fighter! RAWR!!

11/2/16 UPDATE: There was a delay in her treatment. Keep an eye on her blog for updates!

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