Monday, December 25, 2017


This year has flown by!
Had quite a few changes this year related to my healthcare including switching to a new pain care clinic. Luckily I was able to find one that also offers ketamine infusions!
Not only that but we made a pretty big discovery during my last infusion. Instead of using Versed, Valium was used and SO MANY of my bad side effects we lessened or stopped. I did not have any of the anxiety spiral, none of the intestinal cramping and vomiting once I got home and I bounced back from the infusion in 4 DAYS instead of the typical 10-15 days. Very excited about that discovery and I had no clue that Versed could have been messing with my system like that!
I was extremely fortunate to be able to find this new clinic through my fellow GBS peep, Jessie!
(Her blog is

I do plan to write a recap of some of the hurdles that came up this year, but know that in the end I was very lucky for everything to have fallen as it has.
My main pain doctor is actually an occipital neuralgia specialist that actually worked with my neurologist I have had since GBS hit and even trained his nurse practitioner! (And now we have like 5 more items on the list to try out for alternative pain treatments!) The clinic offers ketamine so I can still receive the relief that I have been from them at an affordable price. This clinic cares about the balance of quality of life and the pain scale.
While the first half of the year was quite a bit of a battle, this is rather nice to be able to look towards 2018 on such solid ground.

Happy Holidays and I hope everyone has a warm and safe New Year!

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