Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kamikazecon: The Penny Dreadfuls

I won't be attending Kamikazecon as an artist but I thought I would spread the word. The Penny Dreadfuls will be attending Kamikazecon in Houston on March 19-21. Here is the write up from Kamikazecon's site:

"All you Dreadites rejoice: The Penny Dreadfuls of S.S. Icarus will be making their Midwest debut at Kamikazecon 2010! Some of the crazy folks behind the upcoming Steampunk World’s Fair ( and the monthly dance and event night “The Big Brass Ball”, these steampiratess have been flying their sky-ship all over the Eastern US convention scene, pillaging and plundering since early 2008. They recently partnered with DogToon Media (, Wicked Events,and Brian Viglione to create a short series of fun, satirical ads for “Steampunk”.

Making the Texas skies a little less safe for everyone (especially themselves) will be Captain Jeramiah Homer-Winslow, Whisper Merlot, Lucretia Dearfour, Professor Ulysses Marvel, and Alan! Be sure to follow their misadventures at to become a Dreadite in their Army of Dorkness!"

Check out the other guests at:

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