Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Comicpalooza: Humberto Ramos

So... this is the guy I'm gonna be stalking at Comicpalooza.

I fell in love with his work on DV8 and then when he created Crimson and Out There that kind of sealed the deal. :P I just love his style.... it's chewy sharp yum yum. Yeah, if I meet him I'm sure I'll just clam up and not be able to speak beyond "H-h-hi!" and then promptly pass out or hyperventilate. Whatever comes first...

Then during the Marvel: Civil War arch he did a stint on Wolverine... It renewed my love all over.
He was originally going to be at Comicpalooza last year but due to all the H1N1/Swine Flu problems with flying he made a good choice to just stay at home and come this year.

Looking forward to getting my hands on Fairy Quest too...

How sweet is that wolf?
Check out more of his work and his twitter/blog/etc...

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