Friday, February 25, 2011

Chet Phillips Illustration Steampunk Ball Costume Contest Loot Donation

Remember Chet Phillips donation for the last Steampunk Ball?

This time looking a bit less simian.
Chet has donated two of his brand new collections called Union of Superlative Heroes and Order of Nefarious Villains.

Excellent designs and entertaining back stories, these are a real treat for any steampunk.
Be sure to check out his website at:
Don't forget to stop by his shop for an excellent selection of simians and supers:

Details on these super sets:
Imagining an alternate world in which Steampunk Superheroes inhabit a Victorian society, the Union of Superlative Heroes are characters from a variety of countries, each with their own unique abilities. 20 cards in all, this set profiles such epic figures as Marquis Le Bat, Stupendous Gent, Empress Amazonia, Plastic Samuel, Lord Wolverton and 14 more. Each card showcases their portrait along with a brief biography and country of origin on the reverse. Cards measure 2 1/4" x 4"- printed in color both sides onto sturdy 14 pt. cover stock. Set is packaged in a handcrafted paper portfolio with gold foil stamp decoration on the label.

The Order of Nefarious Villains serves as the companion set and evil counterpart to the Union of Superlative Heroes. Spawned from the blackest recesses of spider pits and graveyard shadows, this collection of evil deviants inhabit the same parallel Steampunk Victorian universe as their heroic foes. 20 cards in the set, including the characters Professor Cephalopod, Sir Samuel Lodestone, Black Piranha, Feline Fräulein, Lord Venomous, King Congo and fourteen more. Each card showcases their portrait along with a brief biography of their dark deeds.

Samples of the card sets include:


Break out your adventure maps and gear up your airships!

On March 12th, the Elysium Nightclub is hosting a Steampunk Ball with an adventurous twist!

Admission is $5 with costume and $7 without.

Bring out the global nomads, the absinthe inspired inventions and the noble nobles that fund these daring quests of discovery.
While things are still being nailed down as far as plans go, we have quite a growing list of those shops donating to the costume contest prize pool!

Donations will be provided by the following shops and more!

Leading up to the Steampunk Ball I will post pictures and details of the items that are being donated for the costume contest so check back often and see these awesome creations!

The Elysium is now 18+ on Saturdays too so bring your friends!
The Ball is being held right around when SXSW is kicking off so dress to the nines and show those who happen to pop by what Texas Steampunks can do!

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