Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Mysterium's Steampunk Ball Costume Contest Loot Donation

The first featured donation comes from Austin’s The Mysterium, a Steampunk shop located in South Austin. This is a cane with a matching flask perfect for any Victorian on their adventures through the Æther.

Are you missing those last few pieces that really top off your outfit? Stop by The Mysterium, Austin’s only Steampunk store located at the Community Renaissance Market in South Austin. They carry a wide variety of local artist pieces, crafting supplies and owner crafted pieces. If you are looking to buy completed piece or are working to modify some of your own, stop by and check out their inventory. Items are also available for sale online with payment through PayPal.

Address: Community Renaissance Market, 6800 West Gate Blvd, Austin, TX 78747
Hours: Wed-Thurs: 11a-6p, Fri-Sat: 11a-7p, Sun: 11a-6p

They are currently running a promotion for when they hit 300 facebook fans. They will hold a drawing for one of their canes; stop by and join in before the drawing is held!


Break out your adventure maps and gear up your airships!

On March 12th, the Elysium Nightclub is hosting a Steampunk Ball with an adventurous twist!

Admission is $5 with costume and $7 without.

Bring out the global nomads, the absinthe inspired inventions and the noble nobles that fund these daring quests of discovery.
While things are still being nailed down as far as plans go, we have quite a growing list of those shops donating to the costume contest prize pool!

Donations will be provided by the following shops and more!

Leading up to the Steampunk Ball I will post pictures and details of the items that are being donated for the costume contest so check back often and see these awesome creations!

The Elysium is now 18+ on Saturdays too so bring your friends!
The Ball is being held right around when SXSW is kicking off so dress to the nines and show those who happen to pop by what Texas Steampunks can do!

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