Friday, January 6, 2012

Tonight and Tomorrow in Austin, TX!

Jan 6 & 7 - Austin, TX
Steam, Rose Colored Goggles and
the Flight of the Victoriana

Gnap! Theater Projects is proud to present “Steam, Rose Colored Goggles, and the Flight of The Victoriana”, an improvised steampunk miniseries. Join the crew of The Victoriana on their highflying adventures as they engage the most revelatory and exquisite of 19th century alternative universe technology. Delight in their use of the refined art of improvisational acting and mummery as they explore those portions of the world still marked terra incognita. Discover the definition of this neologism “steampunk” in a world where the sky’s the limit!

Weekly Event - Every Fri & Sat @ 8:00pm (CST)

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