Friday, January 20, 2012


Jan 20 & 21 - Austin, TX - Steam, Rose Colored Goggles and the Flight of the Victoriana
Gnap! Theater Projects is proud to present “Steam, Rose Colored Goggles, and the Flight of The Victoriana”, an improvised steampunk miniseries. Join the crew of The Victoriana on their highflying adventures as they engage the most revelatory and exquisite of 19th century alternative universe technology. Delight in their use of the refined art of improvisational acting and mummery as they explore those portions of the world still marked terra incognita. Discover the definition of this neologism “steampunk” in a world where the sky’s the limit! Weekly Event - Every Fri & Sat @ 8:00pm (CST)
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Jan 20-22 - Austin, TX - Clockwork Con
Crowne Plaza Hotel Austin
Clockwork Con is a 3 day Steampunk convention located in Austin, Texas; filled with guests, vendors and acts from Texas and around the country, this event will be an excellent way to spend the weekend with the turning of gears and the hissing of steam! Everyone is welcome, whether you are a long time enthusiast or new to the scene, come on out and see the wonders of steampunk!

Jan 21 - Austin, TX - Austin Steam Train: Murder at the Masked Ball
It's Depression Era Austin but the fabulously wealthy Phillip Edward Greystone still hosts the social event of the Winter Season. But is evil lurking behind the mask of one of his guests? Does someone want to do in Phillip? Evening includes box dinner and a whodunit mystery with the Capital City Mystery Players. Guests ages 17 and older only please!

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