Friday, March 23, 2012

Help Darwin Prophet, Your Local Steampunk Musician

The details via Sam Tyler, owner of The Mysterium:
My very good friend Darwin Prophet fell from a ladder a few days ago and broke a leg and an arm. As a musician, she will need financial help with all those things which keep us all alive : groceries, rent, pain killers... Please, if you can afford it, use paypal to donate whatever you can afford at - and clearly mark it as a donation. Failing that, The Mysterium is accepting physical donations that will directly to Darwin. There's more info below and more to come. Please do share this forward to anyone who might be interested!

For more details, please read: Darwin's argument with gravity

Visit Darwin's website:

Donations, Gift Cards and Cards
Can be dropped off at The Mysterium to Sam Tyler:
The physical shop is open Mon-Th-Fri-Sat 10a-6p, Sun 12n-5p (Closed Tu-Wed)
Located inside Things Celtic: 1806 W.35th St. Austin TX, Austin, TX

Donate directly to Darwin through PayPal:
Please make sure to mark the transaction as a 'Donation.'

Local Austin Author, Chris-Rachel Oseland, is hosting a Donation Event!
March 6 & 7: Help an artist! Get a free book! Everybody wins!
To help raise money for her medical expenses, I'm giving SteamDrunks away for free on Monday, March 5. Instead of paying $5 for a copy, donate the money to Darwin via paypal at If you're feeling generous and decide to donate $20 or more, you not only get the book for free, but I'll also craft you a personalized custom steampunk cocktail recipe.
Spread the word! March 6 & 7, donate to Darwin and get a free Steampunk cocktail book.

More funding events to be listed. Check back often!

UPDATE, 2/28/12:
A message from Nyx and Darwin Prophet an Urgent Transmission; Darship Captain battles Ulna-Fibula.***Recovery Imminent*** Released from hospital after overnight observation with fractured arm and leg. She is now in Recovery Mode at home base where she is Pondering gravity's acceleration and re-calculating rate of descent. Please stay posted for more developments.

Condolences may be sent to:
Darwin Prophet
POB 40213
Austin Tx. 78704

For those who have asked, in lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to her paypal account at:
Thank you. Please see following link for Chapter One in Darwin's Argument with Gravity and battle of the Ulna-Fibula.
~Nyx out
****End Transmission***

UPDATE 3/23/12

April 29 - Austin, TX - Darwin Prophet Benefit!
12n-5pm, @ Things Celtic/The Mysterium
Parking will be in the empty parking garage across the side street from Things Celtic/The Mysterium, so there will be plenty of parking. We'll have music in the back garden, as well as whatever other entertainment people would like to offer.. And possibly food! Raffle will also be held!
RSVP Here: (Link TBA)

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