Thursday, May 31, 2012

Austin's Mysterium Closing Storefront, Will Continue Online & At Events: Beer Brass & BS to Continue As Scheduled


Hi All -
Well, after serious consideration, number-crunching and soul searching, I have made a decision. The Mysterium will close it's doors at the end of the day on June 30, 2012. It turns out that there just isn't enough steampunk at this time to support a brick and mortar storefront in Austin. For that to happen, more people will have to start thinking of steampunk less as a sophisticated game of dress up and more as a lifestyle. Unfortunately, my experience tells me it's not there, yet. With my run of bad luck last year, including forced store moves and the horrifically expensive ladder accident, I just can't keep on as I have been.

... But don't panic!

The Mysterium will remain with an online business model for the foreseeable future (and SO MANY NEW THINGS WILL BE ADDED TO THE WEBSITE!), and Mysterium events will continue. Beer Brass and BS will continue at Opal Divine's once a month, The Mysterium may represent at 1st Thursday occasionally, and you may even see us at a few conventions!

Most exciting though, is that I am working on creating Steampunk/Dark Victorian events in and around the Austin area. A couple of these are already in preliminary negotiations! These are projects that I could have never pursued while also maintaining my storefront – and if they come together, they promise to be unique, exciting events that will hopefully spin your brains right there in your skulls..

Also, since I'm moving yet again at the end of June, and want to move as little as possible, I have things to sell you at cost or less - drop front trousers, men's vests, hats, pocket watches, flasks, jewelry, random crafting supplies... A full list of those sorts of things will hopefully be forthcoming soon.

Lastly, thanks so much for all the incredible support I have received from all of you, particularly Lanora Davidson at Things Celtic, for giving me space for these last few months, and Lisa Turner of Turner's Tokens for all of her many forms of support and purple octopuses. Many thanks also to all the awesome customers and vendors/makers who have become my friends – if I could list them all here, I certainly would! If nothing else, opening The Mysterium has thus far been an excellent excuse to rub elbows with some of the most amazing people I've ever known, and for that alone, I count it as a ringing success.

Lastly Lastly and For Reals this time... I truly don't think this is a moment for sadness. I don't feel I've failed – evolution is a condition of life. Adapt, or die. :)

Vive la evolution!!!

Sam Tyler
~The Mysterium

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