Thursday, May 3, 2012

My most embarrassingly entertaining memory from my GBS ordeal

My most embarrassingly entertaining memory from my GBS ordeal

Some of this memory is jumbled so I might be combining several memories…

My mom and sister were in the room when I was at the hospital and we were practicing on trying to stand or at least moving around. Then I suddenly noticed something brown on the bed.

Oh god. My heart sank to the bottom of my stomach.
I just crapped myself. In front of my sister and mom.

I think there was a nurse in the room. Everything is very foggy for me to remember, I just remember feeling the embarrassment and shame creeping across my face and then the world was kind of swirly and I couldn’t keep track of where it was on the bed.

It wasn't just the embarassment of having gone on the bed, it was the fact i never even felt it!
Damn this stupid body, get back to working!!! My cheeks were probably red tomatoes.

Hehe, so there I am freaking out thinking I am sitting in my own crap and eventually my sis and the nurse calm me down I guess. I don't really remember anything else.

Evidently the feeding tube had come undone and dripped onto the bed.

I think I found that out pretty recently, like only a month or two ago; ya know, 3 years later I find out I didn’t really crap myself in front of my sister.

Heheh, so now people can start to tell what a prideful and vain person I am.

Hospitals really have no room for shame and pride. :)

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