Thursday, June 14, 2012

Amarillo Steampunk/Anime Convention Hosted by the Amarillo Public Library!

AMA-CON Approaches!

Saturday, July 21 – Amarillo Civic Center – Heritage Room – 11am – 10pm

I will be hosting a panel about Steampunk Inspiration and in the panel I will basically be talking about places to research design and costumes ideas when trying to develop your steamy styles. This can range from jewelry to weapons to costumes. 

Things to expect at my table for vending:

Comics by Chris Ralston: Third Rail!
Originally from Houston, Chris now calls Nebraska home but he will be returning to TX for Comicpalooza 2013 so grab a sneak peek of his comic Third Rail now! 

Comics & Prints Chris Holm:  SteamPets!
Did I mention Chris is from Amarillo? While unable to make it due to schedule conflict, there is always next year. Stop by and grab some awesome comics and prints!

As far as the different types of jewelry, charms, trinkets and tokens that will be from me this list should give you an idea:
Earrings - Wire, Stud & Non-pierced 
Charms (Great for backpack zippers!)
Various Original Art Creations 
    I am very anxious to get the 3 Japanese Women Statues Modded before this event!
    Some of my Austin Bats with accompany me!
    I hope to complete another Steampunk Collage before the event!
Leather Cuffs
Antique Keys
Various Gear & Supplies

Pictures of recent works to be posted on the blog soon! 

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