Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finding Inspiration for Steampunk Personas & Costuming

Finding Inspiration for Steampunk Personas & Costuming

• Identify your passions
     o Colors
     o Interests
     o Styles/Genres

• Take a look at history and costuming

• Don’t be afraid to break the rules once you know the background

• Research online, through books and more!

• Look at objects critically and creatively, how can you repurpose them?

• Integrate the things you love! Does not have to limit you to ‘Steampunk’ or ‘Victorian’ themes!

• Consider digging into your heritage! Use it as a chance to learn more about you and your family. Where do you come from? What kind of culture surrounds you?

• Steampunk: Beyond Victorian Times – The Victorian Era is a time period, not a location. What was going on in the areas of the world you always dreamed of visiting? Dig in and learn the history and really play with your possibilities!

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