Monday, July 2, 2012

Help SUNDAY DRIVER Take The Stage!

The Steampunk music group Sunday Driver needs YOUR HELP! Give them a chance to perform in front of thousands by simply going to the link and clicking 'Like' next to where it says Vote for Sunday Driver!

Listen to some of their work on the page and help them TAKE THE STAGE! Help your fellow Steampunks and help them grab more exposure! They are not local to Texas but they are a really great steampunk music group that has come to the USA before.

The more they grow, the more chance we have at seeing them here in Texas! :D
♥ They have a delicious multicultural sound and design to their work. ♥

Please take a moment to help them! If you are already signed into Facebook, you just have to click 'LIKE' when you go to that link and it counts as a vote. They are a wonderful example of Multicultural Steampunk and are well deserving of the exposure! ♥

There are not too many days left in the voting and Sunday Driver got a bit of a late start.
Can we boost them to 700 VOTES before MONDAY?

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