Friday, May 18, 2018

9 years ago on May 18th

9 years ago on May 18th, I went into work and I was stumbling progressively worse after having a great vacation in Hawaii the week before. I thought it could be exhaustion from the trip.
There were a few things that came up during our vacation including numbness in my mouth (thought I ate a dish I was allergic to that had a bunch of different seafood in it plus having a super cold snow cone usually numbs my mouth a bit...), my arms being exhausted and hard to lift above the shoulder from a really bad sunburn (or so I thought...), I broke my toe while out swimming (but yay! It didn’t hurt! *wiggles toe*) not to mention while we were out swimming the waves were really hard to swim against (TX must not get strong waves like this!), I was SUPER tired after hiking up Diamond Head (I thought I was in better shape! Time to work out more!!) and when it finally came time to go home I couldn’t even lift my bags into the car! (Is this jet lag? I’ve never had jet lag? Wtf is jet lag?) Once I got to my parent’s place getting upstairs to my room was hard (lol, I must really need to work out if my legs and everything is this tired after a little trip to Hawaii!)
I had a scheduled session with a doctor to look into PT for lower back pain. When they saw my disrupted gait and inability to balance they sent me across the street to my doctor to get orders for scans done. My regular doctor wasn’t at the office at the moment and when I asked the one there what was going on she just shook her head and said it could be a tumor.
I got in the car and called my boss and had a bit of a panic attack. I calmed down after a few minutes.
I then had the scariest drive home and honestly I should not have been on the road. It took all of my attention to focus on my feet moving between the brake and acceleration. I got home and was exhausted. My ankles felt like they were moving in sand.
My husband came home and drove me to the diagnostic office.
It probably took 10 minutes to walk from the car to the front door, I had to stop to catch my breath every 8 steps. My husband helped me get dressed in the gown for the scans because I was having issues with my arms being so tired. We did the scans and I got dressed. I lost a sock somewhere. Now we had to go home and wait.
In the middle of the night it felt like someone was sitting on my chest and I got up and stumbled around the living room until it felt like I could breathe better. I went back to bed after a little while.
I had the day off the next day and I used it to rest and wait to hear back from my doctors.

To be continued tomorrow~ :3

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