Sunday, May 27, 2018

9 years ago on May 27th

9 years ago on May 27th - The other day I went to read a few of my Deadpool comics. Tucked inside one was this note that my mother dated. My husband would read the comics to me sometimes during the initial bout with GBS. I knew the storyline and knew the graphics so the dialogue and all just guided me through the story as he read. Anyway, the note was from during my upswing. I don’t know exactly what the date was when they removed the respirator, but it must have been a day or two after this. I honestly don’t remember much during that pocket of time. They had me pretty drugged up and just kind of woke me up for a little while while family was there and then let me sleep. It says: When u talk t drs give them hell I want these tubes out! :) Wed. May 27 2:30

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