Monday, January 11, 2010

The Token Designs

Welcome to Turner's Tokens!

I figured I would start this off with an intro to some of my basic pieces. I'll keep posting new designs I create. Each piece is original in the design based on the background inside the cap, the caps themselves and the gears inside. The only time I make something duplicate is when I just really like the way it turned out! (Even then, they aren't the same because of the background.)

I offer both soda and beer caps. You never know when a school is going to get picky about backpack chains, key chains, or boot chains and I want to make sure my customers can enjoy them in all walks of life!

Right now I have some basic layouts for the Tokens I sell.
The Spinner with a Gear:
The Filled Spinner with a Gear:

The Spinner with Token and Gear:
The Spinner with Token and 2 Gears:

I try to write a story with each piece I make to create something unique for you.
Like the Spinner with Token and 2 Gears, there is a woman's face pictured inside with a gear surrounding it. The Token says "Moments."
Create your own story around these small tidbits and lose yourself in your daydreams.

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