Friday, April 8, 2011

Austin's The Mysterium's ÆtherFest Countdown

Austin's The Mysterium's 
ÆtherFest Countdown

Saturday, April 16th & 23rd, NOON-8PM at The Mysterium,
inside The Community Renaissance Market

Drop by the Mysterium on Saturday the 16th & 23rd, wearing your steamgear and receive 20% off of the most expensive item you buy! Stop by for snacks and beverages and say hello to other vendors!
There may be some music going on out there as well!

Be sure to stop by and meet up with local
Austin and San Antonio area steampunks! 
Turner's Tokens will be out there too with energy drinks and new pieces! Grab them before they go on sale at the convention!
I will hold a drawing out there for some free pieces too!

Anyone who wants to vend at the PreAetherFest Party,
please email
Space is limited, so reach out soon!

Vendors for the April 16th event currently include:
The Mysterium
Turner's Tokens
Parkers & Quinn
John Dunn
April Layman
Alexis Hoerner, The Clocketbook Maker

Vendors for the April 23rd event currently include:
The Mysterium
Turner's Tokens
Caveat Emptor Historical Millinery & Costumes
Alexis Hoerner, The Clocketbook Maker
Katy Amicone

When and Where is ÆtherFest?
April 29 - May 1 - San Antonio, TX - ÆtherFest
St. Anthony Hotel, Downtown San Antonio

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