Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beer! Brass! & BS @ Opal Divines Hosted by The Mysterium

Beer! Brass! B.S.!
The Mysterium is hosting a Steampunk Gathering at
Opal Divine's at Penn Field, here in Austin, TX!
April 19th at 7pm.

All ages welcome! This is a restaurant setting.
All steampunks and neovictorians welcome, in costume or not.

Note from The Mysterium:
All who have steamgear should be done up in it to the nines.. I hear we have a few newbies attendingwho are 'steam curious', and we'd certainly like to give them an idea of what we can do!

Our theme this month is Victorian Etiquette!

Brush up before the meeting with this handy guide:

Test your skills with this game:

Check out The Mysterium's page for more details. Spread the word!

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