Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arcana Imperii

Just received a package that only furthers my interest in buying directly from authors with artistic interests in the presentation of their work and knowing how to set a tone before even opening to page one.

These books are available online for only $10:  http://www.thearcana.net/origins.html
Order yours now before they run out of the first run!

So this is how it starts... and this is when
I had to finish scarfing down lunch and
then went to grab my camera.

Awesome wrapping and I love the seal.

Love the stamping and
general love put into the packaging.

A letter? Maybe a thank you letter for buying the piece?

Nope, a letter from Jack.

So maybe I am a nerd about marketing and packaging but
when someone puts the extra effort out there and shows how excited
they are about their own product, it can't help but be contagious.
I know what I'll be reading tonight. All other books are on hold.

Want one? http://www.thearcana.net/origins.html

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