Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Aetherfest Loot

Steampets by Chris Holm

Avalon Revisited by O.M. Grey,
picked up from Airship Isabella's table.

Time Lincoln from Antarctic Press

Steampunk Palin from Antarctic Press*
*I bought this for my dad...

Gear Cookie Cutter!
I want to make cookies for the next Mysterium event!
Via: http://www.frenzyuniverse.com/

A new home for Dusty the Watch Dog!
Via: Addisyn Madd & The Landship Dead Betty
Vial of Pocket Watch Gears!
Via: http://www.frenzyuniverse.com/

Glacier Goggles
Via: http://www.frenzyuniverse.com/

Moustache Ring
My mother bought this for me... <3
Via: http://www.frenzyuniverse.com/

When my mom took a lunch break she hit up an
antique shop and came back with two
iron cast display hands.
So much love! <3

On my break I ran down to the game room and stumbled across this treasure!
Via: http://thebluemoosepress.com/

While in the game room I was able to pick up some MINT TEA SOAP!
Delicious! Made by Cracked Monocle's Dana Schwarzlose.

Three Bone Necklaces via Airship Aledita Accessories.

Traded with  Airship Aledita Accessories.

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