Thursday, May 5, 2011

Comicpalooza: Steampunk Saturday

Via Comicpalooza's Site:

Steampunk Saturday @ Comicpalooza

While there will be steampunk offerings all weekend long, in-fact, over a dozen panels and workshops over the weekend brought to you by Airship Isabella, Delirium of Grandeur and the San Antonio Neo-Victorian Association. However, on Saturday May 28, 2011 the stage as been set to provide for all your Steampunk needs in one day! Start your day off with a series of classes taught by our Steampunk fan groups in attendance. Visit Steampunk artists and artisans in Steampunk Ally. Learn the answer to "What is Steampunk," explore"Steampunk Music," and take part in a series of panels and workshops to make a better steampunk outfit. Throughout the day you can take a break by stopping in at the Steampunk viewing room brought to you by the San Antonio Neo-Victorian society By the end of the day Delirium of Grandeur will help you know if "Airship Piracy is right for you." Then spend the evening at the Steampunk Ball featuring Midnight Carnival and a DJ set by Airship Isabella.

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