Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beer! Brass! & BS @ Opal Divines Hosted by The Mysterium

Beer! Brass! B.S.!
The Mysterium is hosting a Steampunk Gathering at
Opal Divine's at Penn Field, here in Austin, TX!
May 17th at 7pm -10pm.

All ages welcome! This is a restaurant setting.
All steampunks and neovictorians welcome, in costume or not.

Note from The Mysterium:
All who have steamgear should be done up in it to the nines..
I hear we have a few newbies attendingwho are 'steam curious',
and we'd certainly like to give them an idea of what we can do!

Who is attending?!/event.php?eid=100899293333536

Those in appropriate garb will receive Mysterium coupons good for either $10 off a corset, or $10 off a hat! That's like getting paid $10 to dress in your favorite clothes!!

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