Monday, September 26, 2016

Ketamine Therapy for Residual Nerve Damage via Guillain Barre Syndrome Part 7

This was another early session and going in I felt fairly OK. I didn't feel any benefit from the first treatment yet and the exhaustion was a bit heavy still. I paid for the single session and when I was called back, I was seated on the hospital bed again; they were able to draw blood from the same hand as before. I wore slip on shoes this time since tying my shoes at the end was a bit hard to do the first time. Slip-Ons for the win! My starting pain level was 6. This time the ketamine kicked in a little faster and harder. Fumbling with my Kindle was a little difficult to manage but I was able to swap between the audio book and the music after about 30 minutes. This time I decided to try keeping my eyes shut for the majority of it all and this greatly helped to reduce the headache. It was still around, the light/sound sensitivity was still there, but it wasn't as piercing as before. Around 30-45 minutes into the treatment they added a shot of the Versed.
So what did the Ketamine feel like? For me it was just a constant sensation of falling and kind of spiraling in self doubt. So personally I really disliked the entire sensation which basically felt like building dread that I couldn't get out of the thought. But the fact that this could help long term makes it worth sitting through; I had to keep telling myself that.
When they unhooked me, they started the questions about my ride, where they were, when they would pick me up and I think I was out of it more than last time, but I knew what the questions would be and was able to text my husband myself about coming to get me. I transferred to a wheelchair again; this time it wasn't until my husband showed up, so I was able to take the wheelchair down to my car. The nausea and headache was nothing near where it had been but overall the regular constant pain was still around a 5 when I left. My husband had to help me a bit when it came to getting into the house and to my cot but overall it kind of felt like my body was feeling better with the Ketamine. I was still exhausted but this second round made it a little easier to handle. By the time my husband had come home I had munched on water, saltines and graham crackers and was able to make my way upstairs without too much trouble other than just general exhaustion. The most annoying aspect at this point once I was home was having the strength to keep my arms up long enough to wash my hair.
I was anxious to see how I would be feeling for the next day since this would be the first back to back treatment.

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