Monday, September 26, 2016

Quality of Life Chart - Chronic Pain Patients

This is something I stumbled across a few months ago. Honestly, when I first read through it, it made me cry because I realized how unbalanced my life was thanks to all the residual issues from GBS. 
But I felt it was important to spread the use of this way of measuring your quality of life beyond 'What number are you on the pain scale?' Knowing where I fell on this scale gave me something tangible to shoot for and kind of reinvigorated me towards trying to climb my way towards more definitive goals to improve my quality of life while working with a pain management specialist. 
So it might be a bit disheartening at first, but consider giving this chart a glance to see where you fall, if only for your own knowledge or maybe it can be a useful tool to better describe your situation to your doctors. 

Here is the full flyer: 

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