Monday, September 26, 2016

Ketamine Therapy for Residual Nerve Damage via Guillain Barre Syndrome Part 12

Over the next week I started being able to move around a bit more and slowly my energy was coming back. For that first week though, I was basically feeling like I had been set back to maybe 2 years after onset and it was pretty depressing. However, every day I could see and feel improvement to getting back to my normal.
It was a bit frustrating the second week. I noticed that my constant pain had started to drop and I was feeling better, but my exhaustion still kept me in bed or on the couch a lot.
Finally by the third week out my energy felt like it was back to where it was prior to the Ketamine and the pain was only around a level 2.
But here was a new problem that cropped up for me:  I was enjoying the lack of pain but I still had very little natural endurance. Prior to the treatment I had a warning system figured out with my body. If I was overdoing it I would get a cold sweat or a low temp and I would know to back off or stop activity for the day. I no longer had this and there were quite a few times where I out shopping and felt like someone pulled the rug out from under me. It took me a while to re-figure out when I needed to stop for the day.

Four weeks out, I felt the best I had in 7 years and it honestly shocked me and I continued to improve. Most days were full of 0-2 pain levels with an occasional 4-6 day if I overdid it the day before. By this point I still was not willing to consider ever getting a Ketamine Treatment again though. I wanted this to benefit me at least 3 months before I would consider it again.
In the evenings I still take two 5mg hydrocodone, one 350mg Soma, and one 10mg Amitriptyline. That, plus the results from the Ketamine Therapy, has gotten me into an awesome balance and I have days where I almost feel as good as I was before GBS and I am actually living life again.
I spent June and July as a bit of a honeymoon for myself for finally feeling alive. I was able to pull work hours, cook and do chores and STILL have energy to go out and do things with friends in the evenings. I was even able to do road trips from Austin to Houston for work and still had energy to spend time with family or go out to dinner after work. The impact that the constant pain was having on me was a bit startling for me to see once it was gone.
In August I began training for a half-marathon I plan to walk/jog in December 2016. I have done a few prior to this (post-GBS) but the training I have been doing has been much better than before. I have been able to be training outdoors with all the natural heat and inclines where before I was always having to train in a gym with AC at no incline. That is a HUGE improvement. I am working, cooking, doing chores, exercising and going out to evening events, sometimes all in the same day! I haven't been able to do that since before May 2009.

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