Monday, April 16, 2012

But You Don't Look Sick: The Spoon Theory & GBS

I'm my second year of recovery from GBS I stumbled across this posting after it appeared on one of the Facebook GBS Groups.

Many times, those with GBS who have recovered past the point of needing a wheelchair/walker/cane may run into a bit of a situation where you still feel weak and the exhaustion/pain is daily. Because people can't see the problem it can get hard to get them to understand what you are dealing with every day. Take a read through this article and consider passing it on to family, friends and others who may be in your same situation. The way the author has to plan out the day based on actions is very similar to how a GBS patient deals with planning their days depending on their energy/pain level of the day.

However, also keep in mind that GBS patients do tend to recover, so maybe keep in mind how many spoons you have today, versus how many spoons you had while you were in the hospital. :) Recovery can be hard to see sometimes with GBS but when you are able to look back during your road to recovery and compare where you are now versus a few months ago, it does help.

The Spoon Theory
by Christine Miserandino, via

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