Monday, April 16, 2012

GBS - Celebrate every achievement

When I was at the rehab I was reading a book and it had a little story in it that kind of stuck with me. Every time I would start to get frustrated with my progress I would try to remember the story.

A woman was running through the jungle and was being chased by a tiger. Ahead of her she saw a clearing of the trees. When she finally reached it she was met with a cliff. She looked behind her and saw the tigers coming close. She noticed a vine leading down the edge and climbed down. She then looked below her and saw two more tigers circling below her. She then looked back up only to see a mouse beginning to chew at the vine. She then looked to her side and saw a strawberry bush with the sweetest juiciest strawberry hanging in the leaves. She looked up. She looked down. She then plucked the strawberry and began to eat the most delicious strawberry she had ever tasted.

Everyday I would find something that would be my strawberry; whether it was being able taking a sip of cold water, finally be able to open a ketchup packet or stand for 20 seconds. With all the hard things we face in the road to recovery and just life in general, sometimes the achievements get lost and we don't take the time to acknowledge and truly appreciate them.

The story is from a book called Comfortable with Uncertainty: 108 Teachings by Pema Chodron.
While the writing is generally from a Buddhist point of view, I believe that everyone can take something away from at least one of the short chapters.

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