Monday, April 2, 2012

Bayou City Art Festival Artist: Mad Tatters

As I strolled through the vendors of the Bayou City Art Festival held in Houston recently, I came across a welcomed bit of shady darkness ebbing out from a vendor's stall.

I've found a new love/obsession toward an absolutely lovely pair of artists know as Mad Tatters' Dr. B. Zurk and Madame Madness.

Amazing crafts and works right up the alley of any steampunk/gypsypunk/punk/gothic type! I adore their collage work combining bone, sculpture and so much more fantastical nightmarish vision. Walking through their exhibit is like taking a stroll through cobwebs and enjoying the ebbing sensations as each piece draws you in, chews your mind and tosses you onto the next piece, your mind already reeling from such well crafted and solid creations.

So to start, grab a seat an sit back for a chance to involve yourself with the works of Ellie Rusinova, an absolute joy to meet! Visit the gallery online here:

Moving deeper into the twisted shadows we find another artist lurking. Meet Brandan Styles, aka Dr. B. Zurk. Haunting imagery mixed with fantasy draw you in for a side show of night terrors and grim whimsy. Sculpture, painting, collage; he takes you on a tour through all dimensions.

Visit Brandan's dark corner of the web today:

Be sure to find them on Facebook as well and pray that your paths do cross:!/madtatters

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