Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bayou City Art Festival Artist: Works of Man - Mathew Naftzger

This was one of the first artists I stumbled across at the festival and it really set the pace for the types of artists I knew I would be most attracted to. At first glance his pieces look like magnificent metallic sculptures; then as he brings them out of their glass case you see each are mobile with a variety of movements and hidden compartments. My favorite by far was the Rollerpillar.

I do wish I had a chance to spend much more time at his booth but I ended up getting pushed on by the others I attended the event with. Granted, If I had spent more time at the booth it could have been quite a few hours to pour through all the gizmos and gadgets of his creations with all their baubles and bits!

Do be sure to check out the online gallery at http://www.worksofman.com/!

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