Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Professor Elemental CONFIRMED for Comicpalooza!

For many of you, this possible event just became a MUST ATTEND event.

Yes TX Steampunks, The Professor is coming stateside and is ready to party.

On top of this there is rumor of a SteamDrunks book release party that may happen during Comicpalooza...

Coincidence or just awesome cosmic alignment?

 Trying to place the name Professor Elemental? Check out the videos:

Go grab your tickets for Comicpalooza ASAP:
Only $35 right now for a 3-Day Pass if purchased ONLINE.

Keep an eye on the blog for details about possible after parties and general celebrations of steampunkery to go down at Comicpalooza.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful! I'm the artist that did the cover for the dear Professors album The Indifference Engine. Stoked that he's coming to Texas, I'm a recent resident!